Hey people with emotions,

     Keystone Club here (who also happen to be people with emotions… I know crazy right?). We’re here to talk about emotional health in all forms and aspects. Some blog posts may be serious, some may be light hearted and fun. It’s Just Us, became the name of our blog after a meeting of names we really couldn’t settle on. Me writing this as the President didn’t want the title to be too tacky or in your face, too serious or too funny. We had a pretty good time brainstorming too. We went through ideas like “Swell”, “The Club”, “Marissa” and “Ben” (we don’t even know people with those names). Soon enough, our Sergeant at Arms was joking around with a title and at the end of it she said, “It’s just us” or something along those lines so I pitched just that to everyone. We all seemed to like it and it became our blog title.

     When talking about what we wanted our national project to be for Keystone, we settled on something other teens could access for help from other teens. Not a social media platform, not a fake site with false information. Real teens doing real research about important topics. This blog is our way of reaching out to others and saying it’s okay to talk about emotional health. Every week we will be working in teams and individually to get a new blog post up. Every member of Keystone is taking up a responsibility to make this blog the best it can be. Just remember emotional health is important. We all have emotions, big and small and it’s important for everyone to know how to deal with them. 

So if you ever need anything. We’re here to help. It’s Just Us.

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